Spring and Summer in the Sierra de San Pedro (Extremadura, Spain): eagles, black vultures, the cork harvesting, dolmens at night

We offer seven photo sessions (from hide and tours) during 4 days in the Sierra de San Pedro range, the Extremadura's wild core
The price of the whole program, for a 4 people group, is 550 € / person.
For a 2 people groups, the price is 600 € / person.
Ask conditions.

For our costumers, we can obtain a special accommodation full board rate: 45 € / person / day, in twin room base. For a single room, the price is 55 € / person / day.

The program is:
  • A session to take pictures of Spanish imperial eagle from hide.
  • A session to take pictures of Bonelli's eagle from hide.
  • A session to take pictures of Black vultures and other carrion eaters from hide.
  • Two sessions to take pictures of passerine birds from hide in two different places.
  • A three hours session, from dawn, to photograph the cork harvesting in the Sierra de San Pedro cork oak forests and their area.
  • An afternoon-evening tour to photograph megalithic dolmenes in Valencia de Alcántara.
This program can be booked for the Spring and Summer of 2014, but the cork harvesting is usually done between 15th of May and 15th of August. Is impossible to guarantee the cork harvesting photo sessions in advance because this work needs the right weather conditions: high temperature and wet on the previous weeks. If the cork harvesting can't be done on the booked days, the photo session will be replaced or a discount of 55 € / person will be applied.

As wild animals, is not guaranteed the birds come to eat or rest in front of the hides, although the probabilities are very high. If the animal doesn't come, the
costumer will can repeat the session on a next available day (at his convenience) free or only pay an amount for expenses.
Discounts if the birds don't come:
-  Spanish imperial eagle: 130 € / person
-  Bonelli's eagle: 72 € / person
-  Vultures: 48 € / person
-  Passerines: 24 € / person

Of course, another programs can be made. Check our discount offers.

Watch the gallery with pictures taken by some of our guest from various hides.

For more information about the hide characteristics, schedules and locations, is necessary contact with the Photo-raptors keepers.
Information about accommodation in the area will be given.

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